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Creative Process

My creative process is constantly evolving and is not defined by a single medium. What I’m doing is in no way “The Best” and I’m sure there are multiple ways to create the same thing.


At this time, I prefer materials that are highly toxic while in working state. They require extreme caution, appropriate workspace and a full body protection ( which I’m sure amuses my neighbors). This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it works for me, because it produces reliable and immediate results.


My sculptures are rock hard and non-toxic when finished. They can be modified or repaired at any time, do not crack/shrink or change in any way, do not require baking or molds and with proper care they should last indefinitely. To me, these medium characteristics are well worth the trouble.


[ For Students ]



I’m working on an educational video course for those of you who are interested in learning my technique, including all associated safety, materials, plus anatomical studies and basics of oil painting. This will be a concise and down-to-earth compilation of what I have learned ( and continue learning) from multiple academic sources, but mostly my own experiments, mistakes to avoid and successful projects from start to finish.

If you would like to be notified of its release, feel free to message me. I promise to never spam you. First supporters will receive discounts.


Meanwhile, I wish you all tons of inspiration and time for playing:)