Diana - Luckysova
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Diana Luckysova

[ About the artist ]


  • Full Name: Diana Luckysova Konrad;
  • Occupation: Professional photographer, artist and sculptor;
  • Born: Ukraine 1982;
  • Citizenship: USA;
  • Current location: Mexico and San Diego;
  • Relationship Status: Committed relationship;
  • Interests: Arts, classical music, nature, human rights and chocolate;
  • Hobbies: Chess, traveling, gardening, fitness and DIY;
  • Education: Masters Degree in Philosophy, but largely self-taught ( with the exception of one semester at Glendale Community College and various online art academies);
  • Publications: Vogue.it, La Fashion, Rancho Santa Fe, FINE San Diego, 1st place $3000 winner in LA International body art competition, Skin Wars National TV Series, ND Awards, Dark Beauty, San Diego Reader, L.A. Jewelry, Red-I Fashion, House Of Ukraine, SD Voyager, “Actions Speak” book promotion, Amprion Pharmaceuticals, Old Town guide;
  • Exhibitions and sales: La Bodega Gallery, LA Body Fine Art, Chocolate And Art LA, Luckysova Studios.
Artist Statement

Learning is something I do every day of my life, because knowledge is the greatest treasure. The more I learn about art, sculpture, anatomy, the intricacies of our strange human condition, the more I realize a lifetime would not be enough to comprehend it all. So I do my best taking notes; via my lens, brush and clay.


Being born into a family of an eccentric mentally ill mother ( who was also an artist and a professional “psychic” ) and an alcoholic father in Soviet Ukraine set me up with some serious challenges and has made me very acutely aware of my own choices. Despite the rough start I managed to explore the world with excitement and awe and practiced various forms of art my entire life.


I try not to worry about the small stuff and focus on what matters to me as best as I can. I love: my partner, nature, growing tomatoes on my Mexican beachfront balcony; sculpting muddy clumps into recognizable shapes of human emotions; arranging oil into imaginary landscapes; seeing people smile and tear up with joy from a perfectly captured moment; leaving something nice for them to remember.


I am very happy and grateful about the way my life has finally turned out. And I am glad I have lived through enough experiences which add depth to my work.

My ultimate goal is for my art being the means of helping others.



Diana Luckysova