Diana - LUCKYSOVA | Art
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Meet Diana Luckysova
Diana Luckysova

[ About the artist ]


  • Full Name: Diana Luckysova Konrad;
  • Occupation: Professional photographer, artist and sculptor;
  • Born: Ukraine 1982;
  • Citizenship: USA;
  • Current location: California and Mexico;
  • Relationship Status: Married;
  • Interests: Arts, classical music, nature, human rights and chocolate;
  • Hobbies: Chess, traveling, gardening, fitness and DIY;
  • Education: Masters Degree in Philosophy, but largely self-taught ( with the exception of one semester at Glendale Community College and variousĀ  private seminars and online art academies);
  • Publications: Vogue.it, La Fashion, Rancho Santa Fe, FINE San Diego, 1st place $3000 winner in LA International body art competition, Skin Wars National TV Series, ND Awards, Dark Beauty, San Diego Reader, L.A. Jewelry, Red-I Fashion, House Of Ukraine, SD Voyager, “Actions Speak” book promotion, Amprion Pharmaceuticals, Old Town guide;
  • Exhibitions and sales: La Bodega Gallery, LA Body Fine Art, Chocolate And Art LA, Luckysova Studios.
Artist Statement

I enjoy learning something new every day, because, in my mind, knowledge is our greatest treasure. The more I learn about art, sculpture, anatomy, the intricacies of our strange human condition, the more I realize a lifetime would not be enough to comprehend it all. So I do my best taking notes via my: lens, brush and clay.


Growing up in Soviet Ukraine set me up with extreme challenges, which made me acutely aware of my choices. Despite the rough start I managed to explore the world with excitement and awe while practicing various forms of art throughout my entire life.

I’m happy to have lived though this much adversity as it’s shaped my broader world view and added depth to my work.


Today I try not to worry about the small stuff and focus on what matters. The things I love most are: my partner, nature and exploring, connecting with others; sculpting muddy clumps into recognizable shapes of human emotions; arranging oil into imaginary landscapes; seeing people smile and tear up with joy from a perfectly captured moment; leaving something nice for them to remember.


My biggest joy and goal in life is for my art to be the means of helping others.



Diana Luckysova