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Terms Of Service and Agreement between prospective clients from hereon collectively referred to as the “Clients” and Diana Luckysova Konrad ( Luckysova Studios) referred to as “The Artist”.




50% deposit is due prior to the start of the artwork. All payments are due upon completion and prior to delivery.




A full refund minus any transaction fees we’ve encountered will be issued on cancellations with advance notice as long as the artwork has not begun. There will be no refunds on deposits for a started art project.

In an unlikely event an artwork gets damaged during shipping we will start the insurance claim on your behalf with the shipping carrier and You will be compensated. A restoration is also possible at an additional cost.

We will be in close communication with photo reports throughout the process and up to 3 free revisions can be made to satisfy Your tastes.

Due to the very custom nature of the project we cannot offer refunds on completed artworks.


Reference Photos and Videos


Whenever possible a personal photo session will be scheduled to gather reference photos and videos.

It is crucial to obtain the best possible lighting in your reference images and supply all the images of details You would like to see in Your final work. If You are located in another state we will guide You on how to send us a 3d scanned video of Yourself. It won’t take long, but we will need Your full cooperation for the sake of the successful project.


Completion Times


Oil paintings can be completed within 2 months, but may take up to 8 months depending on a size and complexity. Drying times will vary and some paintings take a full year to dry completely. You will likely receive a painting that is not fully dried.

Sculptures may take anywhere from 2 months to a year. Please be sure to allow enough time for the deadlines.




We service multiple locations at no additional cost between North San Diego County and Ensenada, Mexico. If your location is hard to reach or beyond the limit of our service area, we will setup an online communication schedule and gather the required references.


Force Major:


If for any reason we cannot complete the painting or sculpture due to sickness, life events, or events out of our control a full refund will be issued. We will always make You our priority and take scheduling and deadlines seriously.




Please understand, it is Your responsibility to protect Your children, Yourself and personal belongings. There is always an inherent risk of something going wrong with being in nature, around studio equipment, handing an artwork, or working with young children. As much as we practice safety precautions, it is ultimately Clients’ responsibility to be mindful of what They and Their children are doing. We will never make You do anything you don’t feel comfortable with; please do the same for us. Please be sure to practice common sense installing an artwork, especially if it contains sharp objects. The Artist is responsible for any damages or injuries caused due to mishandling of paintings and sculptures by the Clients.


Important Safety Precautions


The Artist is not responsible for any toxicity currently associated or discovered in the future with the use of sculpting or painting mediums currently freely sold in department stores in USA. To our best knowledge as of 2018 shared by 3M Bondo products manufacturer the Bondo 3M All Purpose Putty is non-toxic when fully cured. However, caution must be exercised with sanding as the dust is harmful. Please do not modify the artwork in any way and get familiar with the safety of handling Epoxy Resin Products and Oil Paints. Some oil paints, particularly yellow pigments, can be harmful if ingested.

The finished sculptures will be delivered fully cured and sealed. Paintings may be delivered wet to the touch.


Artist shall not be responsible for any unauthorized tampering with the artwork, accidental ingestion of paints, dust or medium by-products, or any lawsuits associated with the manufacturers of any artistic mediums used in the making of the artworks.

In all of our years of experience, nothing major has ever happened.




The Artist retains all the rights to the photos She makes and agrees to use them with permission for social media and advertising purposes. If You would like the images to not be used online, please mention this to The Artist. All Clients will receive the Photography Release for printing and sharing purposes. No image produced by the Artist shall ever be sold for profit or used in advertising of a product or service without Her explicit consent and/or purchased commercial license.

We ask You to respect the artwork and not do any editing on our final images without permission, as in doing so this could potentially misrepresent our services.




We do not collect Your financial information. We only use Your details, such as mailing address, phone, and email for communication and delivery purposes. NO INFORMATION will ever be shared with any third party without Your permission. Occasionally we may send out a Coupon for our services ( no more than a few times a year). You may unsubscribe at any time.


We promise to never spam You.


By purchasing a service or a product on this website You AGREE to indemnify The Photographer – Diana Luckysova Konrad ( Luckysova Studios) and Her employees, representatives or affiliates from any lawsuit. This means The Artist shall not be held liable for any property loss, injury or death.