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Date of completion: 11/10/2019

Dimensions with frame base: 20W x 17H x 6D Inches



Main artwork: hardwood panel, Bondo, fiberglass, screws and foil, epoxy clay, epoxy resin, glass, artist grade oil paints.


Frame and base: wood construction, plywood platform, wooden frame, acrylic paint, artist grade oil paint, mounting hardware.


Main artwork is mounted onto its frame for safe transportation and display.


About Artwork

This is the very first sculptural portrait I’ve ever made! It went through a lot of transformations until I was finally satisfied with it 5 years later. I had to learn a lot about the materials I’m using, anatomy and woodworking.

Sculpting Frida Kahlo was a great way to hone my skills, not to mention an exercise in solidarity with her feminist nature. I felt if I were to pick a person of fame to sculpt, she was a great choice as I have a lot of respect for her individuality and fearlessness. Given the times she lived in it was probably incredibly hard for a woman to be so outspoken and unique. She inspires me to not be afraid expressing myself.

I use glass in my work as a symbol of pain or clarity. The hummingbird is the soul of Frida, an object often found in her paintings.



Priced to sell. I use the standard formula to price my work by width x height in inches.

Feel free to ask a question or make an offer.


Payment and Shipping:

Payments are accepted via Cash, Bank Transfer, PayPal and Credit Card. Financing is available.

Returns on originals are accepted within 30 days. Exchange credit is available.

Weight 10lbs. Ships insured worldwide in a wooden crate. Inquire about a quote. Local free pickup and delivery in: San Diego, Orange County and North Baja California.

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