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Unusual Art Sculpture


Date of completion: 11/10/2019

Dimensions with frame base: 65W x 53H x 14D Inches



Main artwork: wooden panel, foam, Bondo, fiberglass, screws and wire, epoxy clay, glass, oil primer, artist grade oil paints.


Frame and base: heavy duty wood construction, plywood platform, wooden frame, acrylic paint, mounting hardware.


Main artwork can be unmounted via french cleat bracket for ease of transportation.


About Artwork

This is a portrait of my husband which was made according to his vision. An eternal struggle of men, torn between the pulls of the material needs and the pursuit of creative growth. I use glass in my work to symbolize both pain and clarity.

This piece took me over 2 years to finish and involved quite a few struggles of my own! Mainly, I had to figure out the safety and compatibility of materials and, of course, work on the likeness of my beloved subject. Since I hadn’t really seen this kind of art anywhere and didn’t know whom to learn from, I educated myself on the use of materials everywhere I could: Home Depot, manufacturers’ web sites, various art blogs and woodworking channels. I slowly learned and corrected mistakes as I went. The most tedious part was painting of all the crevices with oil brushes as I didn’t want to use inferior spray paints. I do not use paint thinners and only paint with refined linseed oil. The acrylics are used appropriately on flexing surfaces and frames.

I’m very pleased with the final results and so is my husband:).



Priced to sell. I use the standard formula to price my work by width x height in inches.

Feel free to ask a question or make an offer.


Payment and Shipping:

Payments are accepted via Cash, Bank Transfer, PayPal and Credit Card. Financing is available.

Returns on originals are accepted within 30 days. Exchange credit is available.

Weight 140lbs. Ships insured worldwide in a wooden crate. Inquire about a quote. Local free pickup and delivery in: San Diego, Orange County and North Baja California.

  • Caitlin Heitz

    at Reply

    I love how this is so magical yet also so realistic at the same time. You did a great job capturing the essence of your subject while also using your imagination. Great job! I don’t know how you will be able to part with this piece though!

    • Thank you for the nice comment Caitlin. It will be hard to part with the piece.

  • Майк

    at Reply

    Прекрасные работы! Живые, аналоговые, тёплая энергетика, к ним хочется прикоснуться. Уверен, придадут тепла и уюта любому пространству. Одесса гордится! Успехов, Ди!

    • Спасибо Мишенька!!! Так приятно???

  • Rachel Kamps-Huffman

    at Reply

    The struggle, the courage, the beauty.

  • Drew Sommer

    at Reply

    It was impressive to watch this transform from concept to reality. The balance between realism and abstraction is perfect. You can feel the opposing forces, the pulling between influences of light and dark, and the desire that we all have to reach up and be better. Great work!

    • Diana

      at Reply

      Thank you so much for your support and love. I couldn’t have done it without you❤

  • Very emotional surreal piece!

    • Diana

      at Reply

      Thank you so much!!!?

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